podbrandy (podbrandy) wrote,

Title: Inspired by the Pittsburgh Nude Project and My Friend Lisa, Who Is Beautiful in Her Mask

[Note: Visit http://www.brentisaac.com/pghproject.html for the Pittsburgh Nude Project]

My daughter stares at me with horror in her eyes
as I peel the invisible layer of sheen off my skin.
She touches her face
to make sure whatever undefinable sickness I have
won't make her skin fall off too.
The quick-drying skin peel
is not new to me--
a twice-weekly ritual
I've come to apply like a prayer,
slathering on sweet-smelling
goopy balm
all over my face
around my eyes
avoiding the hairline,
a sticky-thick concoction
of grape seed and other preservatives
to reveal more youthful skin
after adhering to my pores
drawing out nodes of
unbalanced chi seeping out of my body
to form blackheads, whiteheads,
pus and blood.
The mask,
defense against the dark inside cum out,
I peel it off
upward and outward
one pore at a time
the sugar stretched out,
a trap for ugly germs,
to restore youthful conceit.

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