podbrandy (podbrandy) wrote,

Title: my cat drinks water, from

blue plastic bowl, ashen earth blue,

like a gray blanket thrown over a new day,

holds three smooth stones destined

for decoration in water lapped up by cat tongue

beyond cat lips. I watch her drink,

and I wonder about my next reincarnation

that my mother constantly warned me about

as I grew up and perceiving myself to be so alone.

“What you do not finish eating will be waiting

for you when you die—rotting and full of maggots.

You will eat what maggots eat, and you will eat the maggots too.”

every day, three times a day, these words were said to me,

ending each meal just as ritualistically as the blessing I whispered

right before my first bite.

I never saw maggots in the flesh, however, until I was 14 years old,

and I’d seen and heard too much by then

to care about religion and afterlife anymore.

until today, this moment, when I wonder about such things

as I sit and sip my cold coffee,

wondering how and if I could someday, maybe,

come back to life as a cat, to be cared for

by someone like me.


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