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Title: Fairytale

It's okay to feel that way again, she said,
to close your eyes and think of his smile, and the dimple on the left side,
and his bright eyes looking at you in the way you like to be looked at,
to think of the way his finger touches your nose,
when the feeling is too big to contain--
it's okay to feel that flush of warmth, those pins and needles that come on
all of a sudden to make you think that fairies are dancing on your skin,
she said.

She asked me if I could remember when I was a little girl,
when I couldn't imagine a time when I would need to be rescued
but I imagined that a prince charming would be waiting for me
if the time would come. I told her I've never forgotten,
even after all this time.

when he looks at me and asks me to let him look at me that way
when he touches my nose and smiles and shakes his head in disbelief
when he takes me in his arms and holds me and there's nothing else in the world
when it's just us
I let the fairies dance
and I'm okay.

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